We believe that out-of-home advertising is a very exciting and effective medium to reach out to consumers in this ever changing media landscape. Our position in the market as an out-of-home media specialist is to provide clients a holistic solution for everything out-of-home. Our services includes but is not limited to managing, planning and executing out-of-home campaigns. We also provide value added benefits to our clients such as:

We accomplish our services through our experienced and dedicated team and our proprietary tools. We ensure each medium is properly graded to facilitate the most effective and cost-efficient OOH media planning and buying. Regal Channel is very much data driven in this digital age and we are working closely with AIMs Research which are the industry leading experts on OOH media ADEX. As such, we are able to help clients craft better and more effective campaigns all across the country.

Our Commitments

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much " – Helen Keller

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